Cleaning & Sweeping Trailer$50.00
Inventory Verification (SKU, PO, Service Tag Numbers, etc.)1 hr labor rate minimum
Inventory Transfer Fee Per Pallet$6.25
Kitting and Sub-assembly Will Be Quoted Separately
Labeling Charge1/2 hr min @ $17/hr
Quality Control Sampling ≤ 20 lbs$10 plus 1/2 hr dock labor
Pallet Cost (each) Wood$5.00
Physical Inventory Rpt1 hr min @ $30/hr Per Person
Recouping Carton (each)$0.30
Re-Stocking1 hr labor rate minimum
Sort & Segerate Goods1 hr labor rate minimum
Stretch Wrap or Banding Per Pallet/Plastic Strapping$5.00
Trailer and /or Tractor Storage (per week)$100.00
Trailer and/or Tractor Storage (per month)$400.00
Trailer/Container Rework Charge$250 min, + recooping & other applicable chgs
Labor Rates
Labor- ST hrsper man @ 1 hour min $30.00
Labor- OT hrsper man @ 1 hour min $45.00
Forklift – ST hrsper man @ 1 hour min $30.00
Forklift – OT hrsper man @ 1 hour min $45.00
Forklift – Large Capacity – ST hrsper man @ 1 hour min $30.00
Bill of Lading Preparation$5.00
B/L Preparation, Notify Truck Carrier, Email B/L to Customer$15.00
Computer Generated Inventory Rpt$10 each
Copies.07 each or $1.00 min
Data Entry on Customer’s EquipmentTBD Based on Customer Requirements
Faxes (each)$3.00
Label Cost (each)$1.00 each
Photos (each)$2.00
Hours of Operation – Labor Rates
Regular Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:30 to 4:00 EST for US$30.00/hr
Irregular Hours: Monday thru Friday Before or After Regular Hours1 hr min @ $46.00/hr
Irregular Hours: Saturday4 hr min @ $50/hr
Irregular Hours: Sunday4 hr min @ $60/hr
Holidays4 hr min @ $75/hr