Fletcher Warehousing Company (FWC) Definitions of Service for Warehouse Rates

Cross Docking (pool distribution)
In its purest form cross-docking is the action of unloading materials from an incoming trailer and immediately loading these materials in outbound trailers, thus eliminating the need for warehousing (storage). FWC cross dock free time allowance is 72 hours. After the free-time is exhausted goods will be moved into the warehouse and a warehouse receipt will be issued and storage charges will apply.

FWC offers an expanded Cross Dock Service for customers that require additional sorting or handling and re-loading of goods without being placed in the warehouse. Pricing is dependent upon the level of service required.

Inventory (physical)
When requested, FWC will provide a physical inventory of goods in the warehouse at an hourly rate of $45.00 per person.

FWC will re-label received goods at the request of our customers with customer EDI instructions. Cost for creating a new label is $1.00 per label plus an hourly warehouse labor charge with ½ hour minimum.

Pallet Cost
FWC will provide pallets for re-coupering, re-loading, dunnage, or other requirements at $6.00 per pallet.

When requested, FWC will provide a photo of customer goods prior to unloading or loading at $2.00 each and transmitted via EDI.

Pick and Pack
Case breaking, picking inner cartons or eaches then repackaging for shipment. This labor intensive service includes picking multiple SKU’s, packing and affixing labels and packing lists. Hourly labor and clerical rates will apply.

Recouped Goods
FWC will recoup goods if necessary prior to shipping at the hourly labor and clerical rates plus container costs will apply.

Re-stocking of Goods
When FWC receives 24-hour advance notification to ship goods from their inventory FWC will pull the goods from the customer’s inventory, stage the goods for carrier pick-up and prepare the carrier bill of lading. If the shipment is cancelled by the customer or the carrier does not pick-up the shipment on the scheduled date FWC will assess a re-stocking fee.

Stretch Wrapping & Strapping
When requested, FWC will apply stretch wrapping and strapping to goods loaded on to pallets or re-palletized at a cost of $5.00 per pallet.

Trailer & Tractor Storage
FWC has available a fenced area for trailer and tractor storage. Charges are based upon weekly or monthly rates. FWC does not insure equipment or goods.

Warehouse Agreement
An agreement between FWC (bailee) and its client (bailor) which establishes performance requirements, liabilities and compensation specified by the Uniform Commercial Code.

In a third party relationship, the depositor (customer) does not relinquish title to the goods. The depositor retains the risk of loss and / or damage to his goods while such goods are in the warehouseman’s possession. The warehouseman’s liability is limited to loss or damage to the depositor’s goods attributable to warehouse negligence. It is the depositor’s responsibility to insure his goods while in FWC’s control.

FWC employees or representatives cannot agree to elevate the ‘standard of care’ provisions above the standard Terms and Conditions for Warehouseman Agreement either verbally or in writing with our customers.

A Warehouse Agreement is required for all customers that utilize FWC’s warehouse services longer than 30 days.